Become a ThinkGive Ambassador!

Are you interested in volunteering for ThinkGive? As a ThinkGive Ambassador, you can help us grow by sharing your passion and skills. This does not have to be a huge time commitment; we welcome any help you can give, for however long you can give it. There are a variety of ways you can lend a hand—from spreading the word to writing materials to hosting an event.

How do you get started?

The best first step to getting involved is to participate in an online ThinkGive Challenge. If you’ve already experienced a Challenge, that’s great. If you haven't, or if you would like to participate in another, we will be offering Parent/Child Challenges twice a year. Join our roster with one or more of your children (4th-8th graders) and experience the program to see the impact the Challenge has on young people. If you’d rather join without your child, that’s great too! Email us at info@thinkgiveproject.org and we’ll be in touch with details.

Now let us know about you!

Please tell us more about your interests and skills. As ThinkGive grows, our needs will change. By telling us a little about you, you’ll help us make your ambassadorship a truly rewarding experience.

Spread the word


Host an event

Public relations

Writing / editing

Curriculum development

Social media


We hope you’ll join the ThinkGive Team!

Spreading the Word

  • Do you know schools that have or that are intentionally developing a focus on social emotional learning (SEL), character education, or service learning?
  • Do you know any teachers who might be interested in ThinkGive? Perhaps they share our passion for developing character in young people, or they believe in our mission—“inspiring young people to make giving a way of life.”
  • Would you be willing to introduce ThinkGive to a potential teacher(s)? Or would you be willing to make an introduction for us?
  • Could you assist with organizing teachers to participate in a Faculty Challenge?
  • What is your connection to the parent body at your school?
  • Would you be willing to present ThinkGive to parents either casually or more formally?
  • Do you know of others who believe in what we’re doing and would be great ThinkGive ambassadors?


  • Could you help with identifying foundations?
  • Do you have experience with grant writing?
  • Could you identify any individual donors who might be interested in supporting what we’re doing?

Public relations

  • Do you want to help tell ThinkGive's story?
  • Do you want to help us expand our reach?
  • Do you want to help us shape our messaging?
  • Do you like talking to the media?


  • Could you contribute to our Mind-blowing Givers page, which celebrates Mind-blowing Givers both famous and not-yet-famous?
  • Could you write articles for publication on various blogs and/or for our own supporters to learn more about what ThinkGive is doing?
  • Could you send us ideas for social media posts related to ThinkGive’s mission?
  • Are you active on social media? If so, could you be part of ThinkGive’s Social Media Squad to help spread the word about our important posts?

Curriculum Development

  • Do you have experience with curriculum development?
  • Do you have an education background and might be interested in helping making our program the best it can be both in terms of content and delivery?
  • Do you have experience teaching? If so, would you be interested in helping us better understand how to communicate with teachers and provide them with what they need?

Social Media

  • Can you help us spread our posts?
  • Do you love working with social media and have ideas about how to improve ThinkGive's presence on FaceBook and Twitter?
  • Do you know of other social media platforms we might try?

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