Tuesday January 31, 7:00-8:30pm EST


to Improve Communication + Innovation at Home and Work

Join us for this fun and free 90-minute webinar and learn improv’s most powerful tools that can help you become even more collaborative, inclusive, and creative in your home and work relationships.

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What You'll Learn

In the interactive and fun presentation, professional improviser Pam Victor shares immediately-applicable techniques to squelch imposter syndrome and disable the fear of failure that might be complicating your life, so you can live and work with a more positive, collaborative spirit. You’ll get hands-on experience in how to facilitate more inclusive, innovative thinking at work and at home using a “Yes, and…” attitude, quiet your inner critic, and reframe challenges. 

Pam’s presentation is based on her TEDx Talk and is designed to make everyone on the introvert-extrovert spectrum feel successful and empowered. It includes entertaining stories, engaging lessons, and accessible improv-enriched exercises that serve to deepen learning. Unless you have a script for life, you’re already improvising! This workshop provides you with improv’s most powerful tools to help you become even more collaborative, inclusive, and creative in your home and work relationships.

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It's Not Scary!

This is not an improv class. But you will learn helpful improv techniques that you can apply to your home and work lives.

You Don't Have to Participate

Nobody will be forced to participate. If you want to sit quietly and just listen, great!

It's fun!

We know you’re busy, and we promise you’ll learn something and have fun at the same time.

"I have never participated in a workshop that was so thoroughly applicable to our daily life, work, and relationships. The return on investment was clear immediately."
Meghan Lynch
CEO, Six-Point Creative

Pam Victor, Head Of Happiness (aka Founder and President) of Happier Valley Comedy

Pam is a recipient of the 2019 New England Public Radio Arts & Humanities Award and a TEDx speaker. A graduate of Smith College with a Master’s in Education from Iona College, Pam has received improv training from iO Theater (Chicago), Annoyance Theater (Chicago), ImprovBoston, and from Second City teachers. Pam is a nice person. She likes you already.

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