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No matter which ThinkGive social and emotional learning (SEL) program you choose, all follow our program cycle with the same student experience and outcomes — students are empowered to use kindness and empathy to connect with each other, their communities, and their world.

ThinkGive Elementary + ThinkGive Middle School

Our flagship programs are available for grades 4-8 and explore themes of inclusion, identity, empathy, and equity. Each program provides up to 16 individual grade-specific 30-minute lessons. Most of our partner educators choose to teach one lesson per week, but your schedule is completely up to you!

While our programs are designed to build from one grade level to the next, that is absolutely not required; you can choose to teach ThinkGive in just one or two grades. Check out the relevant Scope + Sequence below to understand the curriculum build.

ThinkGive programs can be taught standalone or can complement and enhance broader SEL initiatives.

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** Coming soon ** … ThinkGive Junior!

We are currently developing ThinkGive Junior, for grades 1-K.

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ThinkGive Spotlights

Spotlights use our central program cycle, but are more bite-sized and thematically focused. You can teach the five 30-minute lessons at your own pace, and choose from themes including allyship, perspectives, and social justice.

  • This program inspires students to use kindness and empathy to consider and understand others' perspectives. Students explore and take action around: broadening their own perspectives; how people see and understand similar things differently; and the value of understanding other perspectives to promote connection.

  • This program is designed to help educators and youth discuss allyship. The lessons inspire participants to take action as allies in support of members of their communities. Students explore the challenges and prejudices individuals and groups face in their day-to-day life, and identify ways to confront inequities and stereotypes.

  • This program inspires students to use kindness and empathy to stand up for justice and inclusion. Students explore and take action around: the difference between equity and equality; the importance of consistent, small actions to make change; and how empathy helps us authentically acknowledge someone and build connection.

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** Coming soon ** … Gratitude Spotlight!

We are currently developing the Gratitude Spotlight, which is designed to [blah blah blah]. Would you like an email from us when the program is launched and ready for use?

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What does ThinkGive cost?

ThinkGive is affordable. We offer tiered pricing based on whether you’re running a program in a classroom, in a grade (multiple classrooms), or in multiple grades. Pricing starts at $500/year for our flagship programs, and $200/year for our Spotlights. Your first Spotlight (5 lessons) is always free as a trial.

If your school/organization predominantly serves historically marginalized youth, we offer scholarships to cover the cost of ThinkGive.

Contact us for pricing or scholarship details.

How will I be supported?

Most importantly, we value our partnerships with our educators. You can trust us: we will train you and answer any and all questions you have; we will be there to support you with quick answers when you need help; and we will follow up with outcomes so that you can see how ThinkGive is impacting your students and classroom.

We are proud of our 87% retention rate. For us, this speaks to not only the value of our program but to our commitment to each and every partnership.

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“No matter how easy something is, unless it has a lot of impact, it’s not worth doing. It is easy to make an impact with ThinkGive. I would want people to know that you are closer than you think to doing something transformative.” – Head of School