K is for Kindness Activity

Looking for easy-to-implement social and emotional learning activities for your classroom? These mini-lessons may be mini in size, but deliver a big impact.

Activity: In this activity, students consider all kinds of ways to be kind. They listen to K is for Kindness, a fun alphabet book filled with animals doing various acts of kindness. They learn that kindness can take different forms—whether in helping, giving, or showing affection. The examples in the book serve as a starting point for them to discuss their own experiences and reflect on the impact of being kind. At the end of the lesson, students design their own pages for a book!

Themes: Kindness, Empathy

Grade: K

Time: 20 minutes

Essential Questions: What are different ways that we can be kind to others? How do you feel when someone is kind to you? How do you feel when you’re being kind to someone?

Student Action: Students find opportunities to show kindness in different ways to the people around them.

Program Connections: This activity has been modified from a lesson in our ThinkGive Junior Program. Want to learn more? Visit Our Programs page.

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