Take a Stand Activity

Looking for easy-to-implement social and emotional learning activities for your classroom? These mini-lessons may be mini in size, but deliver a big impact.

Activity: Educators choose from a selection of real-life scenarios that provide an opportunity to take a stand. Students decide how they would handle each situation and then discuss the choices with classmates. Students will consider the various perspectives in the class and the different ways they can act as allies.

Themes: Allyship, inclusion, social courage

Grades: 4-8

Time: 15 minutes

Essential Questions: How can we be allies in our daily lives? What are the different ways we can take a stand for others?

Student Action: Take a stand for a person, group of people, or a cause you believe in.

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Program Connections: This activity has been modified from a lesson in our Allyship Spotlight. Want to learn more? Visit the Our Programs page.

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