What Matters to You Activity

Looking for easy-to-implement social and emotional learning activities for your classroom? These mini-lessons may be mini in size, but deliver a big impact.

Activity: Students will consider what is important to them and then discuss and brainstorm various ways they can either stand up for something that matters to them, provide others access to an experience, or support a cause. Every student has different things that matter to them, and this lesson will help students realize that we all have people, places, and communities that matter and they have avenues to share and support what matters to them.

Themes: Allyship, empathy, community

Grades: 4-8

Time: 15 minutes

Essential Questions: What steps might people take to support what matters to them? How can our support help strengthen people, places, and experiences that matter to us?

Student Action: Students can use their worksheet to take the opportunity to support something they care about. This can be a person, a place, or a community.

Program Connections: This activity has been modified from a lesson in our Middle School Allyship Spotlight. Want to learn more? Visit the Our Programs page.

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