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The ThinkGive Challenge enables young people to experience the power of kindness and the value of giving—and to learn firsthand from their actions and their peers.

While the exercise itself is straightforward, it isn’t necessarily simple. In fact, some days can be hard! Your role as a teacher is critical. You will need to guide, encourage, and challenge your students to stretch themselves as they go through the Challenge. In doing so, you will provide them with an incredible opportunity for growth.

What will your students be doing?

Giving acts of kindness.
Giving of themselves.
To different people, things, and places.

What is your role?

You will wear many hats throughout the Challenge as you respond to your students’ various needs. Here’s a sampling of what you can expect to be:


Structure the Challenge in a way that makes sense to your classroom. Determine how many students are on the team, the length of the Challenge, and the length of time students have to give their gifts.


Do you see the Challenge as an isolated exercise? Or will it enhance a larger program in your class and school? Perhaps you will use it to launch a greater Character Development program. Discover.


Show your students how to use the website. Then lead the Challenge with a Curriculum designed to encourage them to become more aware of others, understand and internalize the feeling of kindness, and grow in their giving.


Some students may feel frustrated or want to give up. Talk to them. Inspire them to step out of their comfort zone and into their courage zone by thinking in a bigger and bolder way.


Join your students on the Team Roster and GET GIVING! Use your own gifts to illustrate something you covered in class, offer a scenario for further discussion, and to encourage students to reach. Then visit others’ pages and make comments to get everyone thinking and growing.


Encourage, encourage, encourage!


Go to the Teacher Forum to chat with teachers who have led or are leading a Challenge.

That’s what ThinkGive is all about: giving of yourself every day.

45,078 gifts

4,723 givers

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