The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for Every Child Fund

Are you at a school/organization that serves a majority of under-resourced youth and lacks funding for social and emotional learning (SEL) programs? Have you looked into state and federal SEL grants and found the grant process confusing and hard to navigate? Would you benefit from full funding to bring our social and emotional learning curriculum for elementary and middle-grade students to your students for free? 

ThinkGive’s vision is that every child has access to social and emotional learning (SEL). Nominate your school or organization today to receive full funding to bring our SEL program to your youth for free.

If you are an educator who would benefit from funding for social and emotional learning, please complete the form below. If you know of an educator(s) at another school/organization who might benefit from SEL funding, please forward this page to them to complete.

A glowing testimonial from an educator that received funding from ThinkGive to provide social and emotional learning at no cost to her school.

Nominate Your School or Organization

Here’s what you can expect: After you nominate your school/organization, you’ll schedule a 20-minute Zoom meeting with a member of the ThinkGive team so that we can learn more about your school/organization, answer your questions, and determine if you qualify for funding.

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