Empower Students to Choose Kindness

ThinkGive is a research-based and standards-aligned social emotional learning (SEL) program that empowers youth in grades 4-8 to develop self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship skills. They learn to consider other perspectives, build meaningful connections with a wide range of people, and cultivate the belief that they can positively impact their own lives and the lives of others. 

The Curriculum

ThinkGive’s social emotional learning (SEL) program is centered around students taking action to impact others. They explore questions around identity, social courage, and inclusion, empathize with other people and perspectives, and discover their capacity to effect positive change.

In the ThinkGive curriculum, kindness is a primary tool to enable students to become agents of change in their own lives, schools, and communities. ThinkGive utilizes a unique and innovative combination of in-class learning, student action, self-reflection, and peer-to-peer engagement.

What Makes ThinkGive Unique?

It’s engaging.

ThinkGive is innovative in its focus on student agency and positive peer connections. Students take action to impact others.

It’s powerful.

It provides an authentic learning experience that successfully moves the needle on prosocial skills like social-awareness, self-awareness, and relationship skills.

It’s easy and flexible.

It's easy to implement, flexible, and customizable to any classroom.

It’s loved.

Teachers love our programs; we have an 87% retention rate!

It’s standalone or complementary.

ThinkGive can be a standalone program, or complement and enhance broader social emotional learning (SEL) initiatives.

It’s mapped to CASEL.

It’s mapped to CASEL Core Competencies as well as State and Common Core Standards.

“ThinkGive challenges students to be their best selves and understand that a better world is something they don't need to wait for, they can create.”
- 7th Grade Teacher

What Difference Does ThinkGive
Make in the Classroom?

Play Video about Multiethnic people holding hands together from above.
"ThinkGive challenged me to think of others first and what I can do for them. I learned that my actions are powerful."
- 6th Grade Student

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Teach five 30-minute lessons at your own pace. Between lessons, students take action and use the ThinkGive web portal to reflect and collaborate. Our Spotlights are easy to implement and explore themes like Allyship, Perspectives, and Social Justice. You’ll see how ThinkGive can empower your students to choose kindness!
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