About Us

ThinkGive’s mission is to inspire young people to make giving a way of life.

Young people know how to be kind. They’re born that way. But sometimes along the way, as life becomes more complex, choosing kindness can be a challenge—unless you've been impacted by the power of kindness and the value of giving. ThinkGive engages this next generation with giving in a way that is meaningful to them. And teaches them to lead—today, tomorrow, and decades from now—with kindness. After all, they will grow up to be leaders in companies, countries, classrooms, and families. How cool would it be for them to understand the magic of giving now and to live their whole lives with compassion and kindness toward others?

We do what we do because:

We believe in young people.
We believe that kindness matters.
We believe that giving is magical because it:

  • raises awareness
  • strengthens relationships
  • builds character
  • teaches right and wrong

We believe in the power of seeing the impact of your actions.
We believe that small acts can affect great change.

How we do it:

We offer a Challenge.
During the Challenge, participants give things away.
Not necessarily an item, but an act of kindness.
They give of themselves.
A compliment, a helping hand, appreciation, love.
The act could be tiny. The impact, huge.
We support and encourage participants.
But they own their Challenge.
They see their actions making a difference.
And what they see, they remember.

That’s what ThinkGive is all about: giving of yourself every day.

27,440 gifts

2,901 givers

26 schools