Who We Are

ThinkGive is a volunteer-driven organization with people passionate about making kindness actionable and meaningful to young people.

Our mission is to inspire young people to use kindness to engage with their world.


Penny Austen
Executive Director
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Ginger Berman
Director of Development
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Scott Berman
Director of Marketing
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Lisa Caperna
Director of Outreach
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Anum Iqbal Hashim
Program Coordinator
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Minna Kim
Program Coordinator
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Sean Melia, program coordinator at the ThinkGive Project.
Sean Melia
Lead Curriculum and Content Writer
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Board of Directors

Cato Anderson
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Penny Austen
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Cara Blanchette
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Adam Carberry
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Jennifer Clarke, a director for the board at the ThinkGive Project.
Jennifer Clarke
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Desha Hislop
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Bailey Holman
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Christine Kielar, a director for the board at the ThinkGive Project.
Christine Kielar
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Colby Lawless
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Cate Waldeck
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Junior Advisory Board

Julie Destine
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Alex Giles
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Cherry Goldszmidt
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Shoshi Gordan
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Chalyssa Robinson
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Katie O'Brien
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Advisory Board

Amy Bell
School Psychologist, RJ Grey Middle School
Justin Cameron
Principal, Concord Middle School
Laurence Constable
Co-Managing Partner, Kiplin Capital, LLC
Molly Constable
Co-Founder, ThinkGive
Jen Cort
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, + Justice Consultant
Nicole Dorn
Management and Strategy Consultant
Tara Edelman
Rachel Kramer, Ph.D.
Pediatric Psychologist
Stacey Smalley
Director of Leadership Dev, Cohen Camps
Liza Snell
Brand Strategy Consultant
Polly Vanasse
Kim Walker
Director of Admissions and Enrollment, Birches School
Allison Webster
Head of School, Dedham Country Day School

Teacher Advisors

Phyllis Buckley
St. Andrew’s School, RI
Jeanne Cannarella
Griswold Elementary School, CT
Peggy Dettlinger
University Liggett School, MI
Shondaray Ducheine
Trinity College of Medicine, Saint Vincent
Tobey Eugenio
Our Sisters' School, MA
Mimi Gleason
Carlisle Public School, MA
Suzi Holmes
The Meadowbrook School, MA (1997-2021), Private Tutor
Reenie O'Brien King
Scattergood Ethics, PA
George Langdon
Shady Hill School, MA
Susan Lewis
Nashoba Brooks School, MA
Drew Mackay
The Beauvoir School, DC
Katie Mosca
Our Sisters' School, MA
Kara Morton
Shady Hill School, MA
Jannette Moya
LEAP Innovations, IL
Marie Nagode
Dedham Country Day School, MA
Anna O'Brien
Pleasant Knoll Middle School, SC
Danielle Passno
The Browning School, NY
Eliza Perry
St. Anne's Episcopal School, CO
Jennifer Putnam
Carlisle Public School, MA
Linda Rapciak
The Meadowbrook School, MA (retired)
Katelyn Rapoza
Our Sisters' School, MA
Jon Smith
Willard Elementary School, MA
Sam Starr
Gildersleeve School, CT
Chaitali Thakar
The Meadowbrook School, MA

Interested in joining our team? We want to hear from you!

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