The Impact

With ThinkGive the classroom becomes a connected and positive environment, conducive to optimal learning and social-emotional health.

Why ThinkGive?

“Positive character traits such as kindness and empathy can be nurtured and developed through teaching, modeling, and direct experience. ThinkGive allows all of this to happen in a classroom setting, strengthening the individual development of each child as well as supporting the social and emotional health of the whole classroom and school community.”

Rachel Kramer, Ph.D Pediatric Psychologist

ThinkGive promotes social connection — students build and strengthen relationships with peers and teachers. Students report...

Will be kinder to others.
Will be a force of good in their schools and communities.
Are more willing to stand up for what’s right.
Feel they can make a positive impact on their world.

Our programs have an incredible impact in the classroom/after school environment and beyond. Educators report...

ThinkGive helped their students feel more empowered to have an impact on others and that they can be agents of change.
Their students seem more inclusive
Their students seem kinder to each other
A group of girls looking at the camera in a classroom, smiling.

“ThinkGive provides an authentic learning experience for children to fully understand the impact they have on one another. I don’t think one can find a more comprehensive program that promotes positive interactions in school.”

Director of Teaching + Learning, The Beauvoir School

“ThinkGive has been a meaningful tool in my classroom to engage students in discussions about the power of empathy, kindness, gratitude and individual bravery.”

7th Grade Teacher, Nashoba Brooks School

A team of students wearing ThinkGive t-shirts and raising their arms in the air, posing for the camera.

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ThinkGive empowers young people — giving them agency to discover their capacity to positively impact others every day.