Frequently Asked Questions

  • ThinkGive offers programming for students in grades K-8. Each program accommodates a range of grade levels, and each lesson plan offers strategies for adjusting instruction based on student needs. We collaborate with you to determine the most relevant program for each group of students.

  • The ThinkGive curriculum is effective in school classrooms, consecutive grades, and out-of-school time (OST) environments, including after-school, Saturday, and summer programming.

  • ThinkGive enhances SEL programs such as Responsive Classroom, Second Step, RULER, and Open Circle by encouraging students to actively apply SEL concepts, empowering them to connect with themselves and others. This approach fosters a positive and inclusive community within the school or organization.

  • ThinkGive lesson plans align with CASEL’s Social Emotional Competencies, the Common Core Standards for ELA, and the Massachusetts ELA and Digital Literacy and Computer Science Frameworks.

  • Program implementation is flexible based on your needs. Most partner schools/organizations start programs at the beginning of a semester or summer program.

  • ThinkGive’s curriculum schedule is flexible. We will collaborate to develop a plan that best fits the group.

  • Allow 40-45 minutes to teach each ThinkGive lesson. Most educators teach one lesson weekly, and programs typically offer between 5 and 16 lessons.

  • Onboarding and training involve three simple steps:

    1. Introductory Zoom (30 minutes). We introduce how the programs work, discuss the group’s needs and goals, and determine how ThinkGive can best integrate with existing curricula or programming.
    2. Training #1: Curriculum Overview (30 minutes). We demonstrate how to access the web-based curriculum, maximize the effectiveness of lesson plans, and customize lessons to meet the needs of the students.
    3. Training #2: Online Portal Overview (for sites using the ThinkGive portal) (45 minutes). We demonstrate how students use the ThinkGive website to reflect on and share their actions and train educators to manage the program's online component.

  • ThinkGive is a valuable resource for educators passionate about social and emotional learning who want to strengthen their connections with students. We collaborate with school counselors, educators in homeroom, advisory, language arts, social studies, and math, as well as summer camp counselors and after-school program facilitators.

  • Our curriculum is web-based. ThinkGive educators access lessons through their ThinkGive Dashboard. We also offer an online portal for the REFLECT and SHARE components of the program cycle for students and educators. Each student has a personal page behind a login and can collaborate with peers on the Team Page. If you prefer technology-free options, we provide materials so students can REFLECT and SHARE offline.

  • Our student portal is password-protected. To join an online team, students provide their first and last names and email addresses. When displayed, all student names appear as the first name and last initial, and email addresses are removed from the system after the program concludes. Only educators and ThinkGive staff have access to view full student names.

  • Designed with a DEIB lens, our lessons provide multicultural resources such as stories, videos, and books.

  • Our programs nurture pro-social behavior, emphasizing inclusion, empathy, and perspective-taking. Educators and students who have participated in ThinkGive report increased feelings of connection, self-esteem, and empowerment, all of which are protective factors against bullying.