The Student Experience

ThinkGive enables young people to experience the power of kindness and the value of giving — learning firsthand from their actions and their peers.

The Student Experience

ThinkGive is about self discovery and understanding the positive effects of giving of yourself — a compliment, a helping hand, appreciation, love. Teachers provide guidance and encouragement but students own their experience. They see their actions making a difference and gain agency in building kind and inclusive communities.

In-Class Curriculum

Teachers introduce a giving prompt and lead discussions and activities guided by ThinkGive’s curriculum. The class explores topics like empathy and social justice, and consider who they are and who they want to be.

Students Give

Each student decides how to give and who to give to inspired by the in-class prompt. They see the impact their words and actions have on others and discover how good it feels to be kind.

Record + Reflect

Students record their gift on the ThinkGive portal. Reflective questions help them connect their individual actions to the broader concepts discussed in class.

Engage + Share

Students engage with, share with, and learn from their peers on the Team Page. This collaborative component promotes digital citizenship in a secure teacher-monitored space.

Discuss + Collaborate

Collaboration comes alive in the classroom with group discussion and reflection. Students come full circle on their experience, capturing key learnings before setting out on the next giving prompt.

The Ripple Effect

The positive effects of ThinkGive extend well beyond the classroom walls. Each student act of kindness, empathy, inclusion, and connection inspires others in their schools and communities.

Comfort to Courage Zone

ThinkGive is designed to gradually guide students from giving in their comfort zone to giving in their courage zone where the most valuable learning occurs. Students build a strong sense of self, make meaningful connections, and experience firsthand the power of their words and actions.

The act could be tiny. The impact huge.