Why Educators Love ThinkGive

Most educators who start using ThinkGive in their classrooms will keep using ThinkGive. In fact, after every program finishes running, we survey educators on how satisfied they were with ThinkGive, on a scale of 1-10. The average satisfaction rating is 9.5.

Dana Meyer, Carlisle Public School

"ThinkGive is a revolutionary SEL program that empowers students to immaterially gift kindness. It strengthens their connections to each other and to their communities."

Kim Walker, Birches School

“ThinkGive is manageable, and you do have time to do it. It might be one of the most important works that you do with your kids.”

Mellisha Culpepper, Shady Hill School

"I would notice that kids would comment on other kids' gifts who they normally don't talk to in class, which then ended up crossing over into their day-to-day communications in the classroom.'

Susan Lewis, Nashoba Brooks School

"ThinkGive is an exemplary experiential learning program that fosters kindness, empathy and gratitude.”

Rachel Kramer, Ph.D., Pediatric Psychologist

"We know from research that individuals who experience deeply stressful situations have the best outcomes if they are able to maintain strong connections with others and share their experience with other people. That is what ThinkGive provides."

Ready to fall in love with ThinkGive?