ThinkGive can be a standalone unit for 4-8 graders or complement and enhance broader SEL initiatives.

We are committed to ensuring that your students get the most out of their experience. Our team will make it easy for you to seamlessly integrate ThinkGive into your existing curricula. We provide comprehensive lesson plans, ongoing support, and a post-program report summarizing student impact and key learnings.

All lesson plans are research-based and mapped to CASEL Core Competencies as well as State and Common Core Standards.

A boy and girl student smiling while reading an assignment together.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ThinkGive is designed for 4-8 graders and can be integrated into an individual classroom or across an entire grade. We offer two separate and complementary curriculums: an elementary school program for grades 4-5, and a middle school program for grades 6-8.

  • Yes. The program is flexible enough for implementation at any time during the school year. Most of our partner schools start between September and March.

  • ThinkGive has a flexible timeline ranging anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months. The program can be tailored to best suit your schedule, goals, and classroom needs. Each lesson lasts about 30 minutes.

  • It’s easy to get ThinkGive started in your classroom. Just two simple steps:

    1. Introductory call (20-30 minutes). We will discuss your goals and determine how ThinkGive might best integrate with your existing curricula.
    2. Training call (30-45 minutes).

  • Absolutely. ThinkGive enhances broader SEL programs like Responsive Classroom, Second Step, RULER, and Open Circle. Lesson plans are mapped to CASEL’s Social Emotional Competencies, Common Core Standards, and Massachusetts ELA, Digital Literacy and Computer Science Frameworks.

  • Any teacher or professional at your school who is passionate about SEL. We work with school counselors and teachers in almost every discipline--homeroom, advisory, language arts, social studies, even math!

  • While our program is mainly used in schools during the academic day, ThinkGive fits easily into other environments--afterschool, clubs, advisory, summer camps, etc.

  • Our online student portal is password-protected and secure. Only approved teachers, parents and ThinkGive staff can access the student portal. Student names appear simply as first and last initial, and email addresses are erased six months after completion of the program.