A Message from our Board in Support of Black Lives Matter

Dear ThinkGive Friends and Community,

We are deeply saddened by the systemic racial violence that has, again and again, exposed the pervasive divisions and injustices that remain rooted in our society. At the same time, the events of recent days have refueled our determination to do our part in creating and sustaining real change.

As an organization, we have always been committed to social justice, creating changemakers, and encouraging action. We have existed to deepen the meaning, engagement, and action behind being kind. Because teaching kindness alone is just not enough. Kindness alone is shallow without consideration for social justice; for inclusion, tolerance, humanity, and respect for all.

But we can always do better. We will continue to listen and work to be advocates for change. And we will continue to inspire our youth to use a true and powerful kindness—one that considers others’ perspectives and realities—to engage with their world. While teaching kindness and compassion will not solve the injustices in society, we believe that creating a space within which our youth can explore their own capacity for change and connect with others unlike themselves is a good place to start.

This is an ongoing conversation, and there is much work to be done. For today, let’s all of us take one step and focus on one of our ThinkGive middle school prompts, “Remove a label, learn about someone.” Labels and judgement lead to injustice and division. So let’s look around. Who can we learn about? What label can we remove today?

Sustained change will only come with all of us playing a part. Let’s do this. Because we truly are one.

The ThinkGive Board