Impact Story: Belmont Cragin

We asked the educators and students from Belmont Cragin in Chicago, IL to share their feedback about their ThinkGive experience. Here is what they had to say.

Teacher: Erin Gawlick

Grade Level: 5th grade

Started Teaching ThinkGive:

Was ThinkGive a good use of your teaching time? Great for morning meeting- students liked it!!

How did ThinkGive have an impact on your students? Got them thinking about how little things make a big difference, also about people in their lives that matter besides close family and friends.

We surveyed the students who participated in ThinkGive, and the results were outstanding. After participating in ThinkGive:

65% agreed they will try to be kinder to themselves

88% agreed they will try to be kinder to others

94% agreed ThinkGive helped them connect with their friends; 88% with their family; 76% with their classmates

And the students had some wonderful things to say about the program:

“I learned that I need to give more , be more brave, and not take things for granted.”

“I learned to be nicer to other people even if i don’t know them”

“[I learned] to be kinder to myself and to others”