Caring for the Ocean Activity

Looking for easy-to-implement social and emotional learning activities for your classroom? These Mini-Lessons may be mini in size, but deliver a big impact.

Activity: Partnered students ask each other what it means to care for something, what they love about the ocean, and what are small things people can do to take care of the ocean. They share their answers with the class, and then switch to new partners. Students then watch the video How to Care for the Ocean and discuss what interests them most about the ocean, and how they can use that interest to make positive change.

Themes: Connection, gratitude, awareness

Grades: 4-5

Time: 20 minutes

Essential Questions: What does it mean to take care of something? Why is it important to take care of the ocean? How can I develop my relationship with the ocean?

Student Action: In the coming days/week, students consider the ideas that came out of their brainstorm, then take action to try to change one behavior to care for the ocean—and then to make their change in behavior a habit!

Program Connections: This activity is focused on giving to the environment—a theme that runs through all of our core programs. Want to learn more? Visit Our Programs page.

Author: This Mini-Lesson was written by ThinkGive Student Advisory Board member, Katie O’Brien.

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