SEL Activity: A Personal Pledge

Are you looking for easy-to-implement social-emotional activities for your classroom? These SEL Activities may be small in size but deliver a significant impact.

Activity: Students read The Good Egg and discuss the importance of self-care and the different ways of giving to oneself. Students pledge to take specific action to care for themselves. In the days following, they fulfill their pledge and reflect on the impact of their self-care action. 

SEL Core Competencies: Self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making

Grades: 4-5

Time: 15 minutes

Essential Questions: What are the different ways you can care for yourself? What are the benefits of taking care of yourself?

Student Action: Students complete their pledge and consider how to make a habit of caring for themselves.

Program Connections: This activity focuses on caring for oneself—a theme that runs through our core programs. To learn more, visit our PROGRAMS page. 

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