SEL Activity: I Am Poem

Are you looking for easy-to-implement social-emotional activities for your elementary school classroom? These SEL Activities may be small in size but deliver a significant impact.

Activity: We all have unique qualities, interests, and ideas. We are different people, after all! Sometimes, however, it can feel challenging to embrace our uniqueness. This SEL Activity invites students to write an I Am Poem to reflect on who they are and to embrace all that makes them unique. Students will have the opportunity to share their poems and reflect on why it is important to recognize and appreciate their unique qualities and those of others.

SEL Core Competencies

Self-awareness: authenticity

Self-awareness: accurate self-perception

Social awareness: perspective-taking

Grades: 3-6

Time: 30-35 minutes

Essential Questions: What makes you who you are? Why is it important to embrace your unique qualities? Why is it important to recognize the unique qualities in others?

Student Action: Students embrace opportunities to be authentic and share their uniqueness with the world!

Program Connections: This activity focuses on identity—a theme that runs through our full programs. To learn more, visit our PROGRAMS page.

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