SEL Activity: Take a Stand

Are you looking for easy-to-implement social-emotional activities for your classroom? These SEL Activities may be small in size but deliver a significant impact.

Activity: Choose from real-life scenarios that allow students to take a stand. Students decide how they would handle each situation, discuss the choices with classmates, and then consider the various perspectives and ways they can act as allies.

SEL Core Competencies: Responsible decision-making, social awareness, self-management

Grades: 4-8

Time: 15 minutes

Essential Questions: How can we act as allies in our daily lives? What are the different ways we can take a stand for others?

Student Action: Take a stand to support a person, group, or cause you believe in.

Program Connections: This activity has been modified from a lesson in our Middle School Allyship Spotlight. To learn more, visit our PROGRAMS page.

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