SEL Activity: Try Something New

A young boy is trying something new. In this SEL Activity, elementary students learn how to be brave and try something new.Are you looking for easy-to-implement social-emotional activities for your classroom? These SEL Activities may be small in size but deliver a significant impact.

Activity: Trying new things is part of growing up and evolving. This SEL Activity asks students to reflect on “firsts” in their lives and any emotions connected to them. They consider the value of pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to try something entirely new or stretch themselves within a familiar activity. Being open to something new can create opportunities for kindness and connection with themselves or others.

SEL Core Competencies: Self-awareness, Responsible decision-making, Self-management

Grades: 3-5

Time: 20-25 minutes

Essential Questions: Why is it important to try new things? Where do you have opportunities to try new things?

Student Action: Students practice trying something new. Being brave and taking risks to try something new can be challenging and often requires curiosity.

Program Connections: This activity supports all lessons in our ThinkGive Elementary programs, in which students take new actions and/or stretch into their courage zone. To learn more, visit our PROGRAMS page.

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