SEL Activity: What and How to Recycle

Are you looking for easy-to-implement social-emotional activities for your elementary classroom? These SEL Activities may be small in size but deliver a significant impact.


Recycling is an essential part of taking care of our planet. This activity will teach students how littering can negatively affect their communities, the benefits of recycling, and how and what can be recycled. Students will begin to build habits of recycling.

SEL Core Competencies: Responsible decision-making, self-management

Grades: 4-5

Time: 20 minutes

Essential Questions: What are the effects of littering? What are the benefits of recycling? How can you be mindful and take action to recycle?

Student Action: Students take action(s) to responsibly care for their community(ies) and the planet. They might take care to dispose of trash properly, decide to buy more recycled goods, or share information about recycling with their family and friends.

Program Connections: This activity focuses on giving to the environment—a theme that runs through our core programs. To learn more, visit our PROGRAMS page.

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