Impact Story: Kanvilli Nuriya Primary School

We asked the educators and students from Kanvilli Nuriya Primary School in Tamale, Ghana, to share their feedback about their ThinkGive experience. Here is what they had to say.

Educator: Peter Amoabil

Grade: 4-6

Started partnering with ThinkGive: 2020


We surveyed the students who participated in ThinkGive, and the results were outstanding. After participating in ThinkGive:

100% agreed that they will interact in a more meaningful way with people who are different from them (religions, beliefs, nationality, race, gender, social class, etc.).

And the students had some wonderful things to say about the program:

“I learned that showing kindness to others can create a better world for everyone.”

“I discovered that choosing compassion can help me establish new friends and strengthen old ones.”

“I learned that kindness spreads, and that when I am good to someone, they are more likely to be kind to others as well.”

“I discovered that demonstrating empathy and compassion to others can make them feel respected and understood.”