Impact Story: Nashoba Brooks School

We asked the educators and students from Nashoba Brooks School in Concord, MA to share their feedback about their ThinkGive experience. Here is what they had to say.

Educator: Susan Lewis

Grade: 6

Started partnering with ThinkGive: 2013

Was ThinkGive a good use of your teaching time? While it isn’t always easy to find the time to adequately devote to ThinkGive lessons, I continue to think it is one of the most important things that I teach.

How did ThinkGive help you connect with your students? I love reading student gifts, and they often give me insights into their families and lives. Likewise, they get insights into my life beyond the classroom.

Did ThinkGive have a positive effect on your class climate? My class was experiencing some friendship shifts/tensions over the past month, and I think having ThinkGive lessons remind us of the importance of kindness was beneficial.

What’s a highlight from your experience with ThinkGive? I think the strongest aspects of the program are the repetitive acts of giving and the ability to share these gifts via the web platform. I am very grateful for the new resources (slides!) and variety of curriculum ideas.

Why would you recommend ThinkGive? The values reinforced in the program are essential.

We surveyed the students who participated in ThinkGive, and the results were outstanding. After participating in ThinkGive:

75% agreed they will try to be kinder to others.

70% agreed they are better at seeing things from other points of view.

68% agreed ThinkGive helped them connect with their community; 60% with friends; 65% with family.

And the students had some wonderful things to say about the program:

“I loved it because I became closer with the people around me.”

“It was great to give small and meaningful gifts.”

“It taught me a lot, and I benefited, becoming a better person.”

“I learned many new things about how to be more kind and I got to recognize the kind things I did through the prompts. I learned that I do more kind things than I realize.”