The Every Child Scholarship

ThinkGive’s mission is to bring social and emotional learning (SEL) to every single child. Nominate your school or organization today to receive a full scholarship to bring ThinkGive to your youth.

Are you at a school or organization that lacks funding for social and emotional learning (SEL) and would benefit from a full scholarship that will bring ThinkGive to your students, at no cost?

ThinkGive’s mission is to bring social and emotional learning (SEL) to every single child. For that reason, we are thrilled to offer a number of full scholarships to educators at schools and youth-facing organizations that will enable them to bring ThinkGive to their students.

“We’re a proud recipient of a scholarship from ThinkGive that allows us to provide ThinkGive to our students at no cost to us. I have taught ThinkGive in various upper elementary classrooms and was amazed at my students’ universal engagement and growth. They were excited to learn from the interactive curriculum while also having opportunities to apply what they learned in their lives and share it on the online platform. My favorite part was hearing scholars use the lessons’ language in their casual conversations with friends – and the long-lasting impact the lessons had on our classroom community!” – Kierstin Giunco, Mission Grammar School

If you are an educator who would benefit from this scholarship, please complete the form below. If you know of an educator(s) at another school/organization who might benefit from this scholarship, please forward this page to them to complete.

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So you know what to expect, after you nominate your school/organization, you’ll schedule a 20-minute Zoom meeting with a member of the ThinkGive team so that we can learn more about your school/organization, determine if you qualify for a scholarship, and answer your questions about the scholarship and/or ThinkGive’s programs and impact.

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