ThinkGive's COVID-19 Response Plan

As schools shifted teaching plans during the COVID-19 pandemic, ThinkGive adjusted right alongside to ensure teachers could continue running our program during hybrid or remote learning. Importantly, students continue to get a lot out of the remote program. This spring, ThinkGive students reported that:

  • 84% felt more connected with family, 78% with community, 77% with friends, 65% with peers, and 61% with teachers
  • 74% felt an increase in self-esteem
  • 85% felt empowered to be a force of good, to use kindness and empathy to engage and make an impact

This year we are offering several program models to help students connect with each other, their teachers, and their community, as well as to promote self-esteem and empowerment:

  1. Our traditional classroom-based program, delivered either in-person or remotely; updated lesson plans integrate kindness/empathy with identity and social justice, a positive action-based approach, and online reflection and collaboration.
  2. A build-your-own program, delivered either in-person or remotely. You choose the prompts (minimum of 5). You could offer a more condensed “Kindness Week,” or a team-building program to help a new group of students connect.
  3. Need help delivering the curriculum? Let’s talk. We can help you pull out the core (short) curriculum nugget to deliver. We could even help teach your class over zoom!

No matter the circumstances, we are here to support students and teachers as we all navigate these uncertain times.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]