Feed the Soil Activity

Looking for easy-to-implement social and emotional learning activities for your elementary classroom? These Mini-Lessons may be mini in size, but deliver a big impact.

Activity: Students will learn about composting, the importance of closing the loop on their food system, and how to separate food scraps effectively. Then they will start a compost bin at home and/or in the classroom.

Themes: Self-awareness, community, social responsibility

Grades: 3-5

Time: 20 minutes

Essential Questions: What is composting? What are the benefits of composting? How can composting help our community?

Student Action: In the coming days/weeks, students consider the ideas that came out of their brainstorm, then take a step towards being a composter at home, and/or take an action to inspire someone else!

Program Connections: This activity is focused on giving to the environment—a theme that runs through all of our core programs. Want to learn more? Visit Our Programs page.

Author: This Mini-Lesson was written by ThinkGive Student Advisory Board member, Sophia Cherawala.

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