Mitzi Johnson Believes in the Importance of Teaching Kindness in School

Mitzi and Marcus Johnson have generously donated to ThinkGive since 2017.

How did you first learn about ThinkGive?
ThinkGive first came on my radar about six years ago when my older son entered middle school. A few of his friends had a teacher named Alyssa Bigay who was using ThinkGive’s curriculum in her classroom, and what I heard was so positive. Our world had taken a hard turn away from kindness, and incorporating this type of learning in middle school was a wonderful idea. As a preschool teacher, kindness is almost always at the forefront of my curriculum, and it often baffled me why it didn’t continue for older students.

Why do you continue to support the organization?
As I delved into ThinkGive further, I became intrigued and decided to support the organization. I began making yearly holiday donations to honor my extended family members (instead of giving them tangible gifts), as we all have everything we could possibly need. It felt good to contribute to a local organization with such a wonderful message while supporting an amazing idea.

When the ThinkGive Strategic Planning committee contacted me for help, I jumped at the opportunity. It was completely outside my wheelhouse, but I wanted to learn something new while making meaningful contributions. I then joined the curriculum planning group, which helped me understand how ThinkGive delivers its message to children of all ages. Finally, I have recently joined the ThinkGive Advisory Board, which I look forward to diving into!