What is the ThinkGive Challenge?

It’s magic, that’s what. Because you’ll discover something incredible about giving. And this something could change your life. You don’t believe us? GIVE IT A TRY!


During the Challenge, JUST GIVE.
After your teacher prompts you, give something away.
And by something we don’t necessarily mean a thing.
This isn’t about giving THINGS away. It’s about giving of yourself. Being KIND.
Give your friendship. Give help. Give a high five.

What Should I Give?

How do you figure out what to give? There are so many things you can give, we bet you could fill all the days of your life giving to others. But it’s not that easy. (After all, this is called a Challenge for a reason.) To figure out what to give every day, you need to stop and look around for opportunities to act. Then give!

Your gift can be ANYTHING. Just look at the words on this site and you’ll get ideas. You could open the door for someone carrying grocery bags. Teach your brother a new game. Walk your neighbor’s dog (be sure to tell them first!). Tell your friend you really love her new shoes. Get the idea?

Nuts & Bolts

Use this site every day to record your gifts—and more.

  • Personalize your My Page

  • Check out what your teammates are giving

  • Chat online with teammates about their gifts

  • Write on the Team Blog

  • Read about Mind-Blowing Givers

  • Discover ways to carry ThinkGive forward and into your life



Got Questions?

It’s easy. Just go to your My Page, click on an uncolored give-figure, and go from there. Before you click “submit,” choose to share the details of your gift with All (everyone taking Challenges), Team, or None (keep them private). You’re done!

It’s up to you. Your gifts can be private if you want them to be. Just choose not to share the details of your gift. Your Team will simply see that you did your part and gave something that day.

There are two ways. 1) Visit the Team Roster on your Team Page and click on a teammate’s name. You’ll go straight to his My Page where you can see all his gifts. 2) Hover over the give-figures on the Team Page. Either way works!

Either click on the “Love This” button for that gift, or go to her personal page, click on that gift, and join in the chatter!

That’s the Challenge. If you want to fill in a give-figure and add to your Team Page, give. If you want to earn a virtual ThinkGive badge at the end of the Challenge (it will be posted on your My Page), give for every prompt. It’s up to you. Giving is AWESOME. Trust us.

Check with your teacher. He/she will let you know what they’ve decided on that. Although even if you don’t have to give on weekend days, why not? The sun rises and sets on Saturdays and Sundays, so go for it. Get giving!

It’s okay. You can still continue with the Challenge, you just can’t fill in a give-figure for that prompt. And you won’t earn a ThinkGive badge at the end of the Challenge. Badges are only earned by giving all days of the Challenge.

No way. In fact, something that feels tiny to you might be way more important than you think to someone else. Have you heard of the ripple effect? Say you hold the door for someone carrying heavy grocery bags. Seems like a small thing, right? But think through what might have happened if you hadn’t held the door. Maybe the person struggled to balance the bags in his arms and one of them dropped and milk and eggs spilled all over the floor. Then maybe someone came running and slipped on the mess and fell and broke her arm. Get the idea? You never know what impact an act of kindness will have.

There are ideas all around you. Seriously. Just look around and see if you can spot a chance to give. If you feel stuck, look at the words throughout this site, check out what your friends are doing, or talk to your teacher. Then look around again.

Absolutely. Ask your teacher, your parents, your friends. They know that the Challenge isn’t easy, and they can help guide you through it and cheer you on.

Absolutely. We want to hear about amazing “everyday” people. We call them Not-Yet-Famous-But-Absolutely-Mind-Blowing Givers. Just go to the Mind-Blowing Givers Page (that’s the Star icon on your My Page), scroll down, and follow the directions. Remember, write enough in your entry so that everyone understands what makes this person so awesome.

There are a bunch of ways to get involved: you could volunteer, organize a drive, you name it. Just go to the Cool Stuff page (the Exclamation Point icon on your My Page). Take a look at the list of sites. If nothing jumps out at you, contact us at info@thinkgiveproject.org and we’ll see if we can help.

That’s what ThinkGive is all about: giving of yourself every day.

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